Customize the Passport return to work solution with integrations

Recent advancements for COVID-19 vaccines are promising, at the same time, COVID-19 hospitalization rates are spiking across the country. In today’s environment, health and safety guidelines will continue to evolve and employers need support to quickly adapt their return to work programs by location and industry.


Employers can have greater peace of mind bringing their teams back to the workplace with Passport by Passport by is a private, customizable return-to-work solution to help company leaders and teams get back to business safely. With the app, employees simply take a picture and complete a daily health survey with responses only they will see. When cleared, Passport issues a daily badge for re-entry. Since each workplace is unique, you can customize the dashboard to match business needs in a matter of minutes.


To further augment your return to work program, Passport is ready to easily integrate into your existing IT systems and health and safety requirements.


Passport integrations has had expertise in the privacy preserving collection and use of medical data, long before the pandemic. We’re able to use our experience in working with all forms of medical data to make health integrations and addons to the Passport solution easy. Simply create a new return to work entry rule for each integration. Here are just a few examples.


Health devices & sensors


Temperature readings

Passport offers custom integrations for smart thermometers across the United States with our Enterprise plan. Temperature measurements are becoming more commonplace as part of COVID-19 mitigation strategies across industries whether hospitality management, hospitals and care providers, or transportation and more. Automatic health temperature readings can be part of your return-to-work entry survey requirements. Employers can simply manage the various rules for each location from the dashboard, so an employee does not have to track those details and can focus on the job at hand. This is particularly beneficial in industries that require onsite visits to multiple locations per day. In construction, for example, employees may enter multiple locations a day, each with different customer requirements on temperature checks. 


Smart hand sanitizer dispensers

Many companies require the use of hand sanitizer prior to and after touching shared surfaces, such as a door, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Track adherence to hand sanitizer use in the Passport employer dashboard, without requiring manual checkins by employees. 


Whether you’d like to try Passport out of the box, or explore how to integrate Passport with your existing solutions, give our 14-day free trial a try.

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