emids Healthcare Summit

Mid-November, some of the best minds transforming the healthcare experience in real life and real-time met at the 7th Annual emids Healthcare Summit. This year, the summit focused on making digital health doable at an unprecedented pace and scale.

Healthcare leaders have been singing about a physician shortage for years, and while telehealth has tapped into enormous underutilized capacity, emerging models are leveraging the physician with the AI-driven “doctor inside.” So, do we really have a shortage of resources, or will we let machines do a portion of the work AND help us prevent issues upstream?

Craig Samitt, MD President and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota moderated a panel discussion with our Co-founder and CEO Sam, DeBrouwer, Michael SVP of Health Plan Market at Teladoc Health and Mona Siddiqui, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Clinical Strategy and Quality at Humana to explore this topic. Watch the full presentation here.




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