Grow your mental health offering with client-ready digital resources

Leveraging technology to connect patients and doctors has increased access to healthcare across the board. Providers are now able to reach health consumers in manners that are more intuitive, engaging and easy. However, while it’s certainly easier to find a virtual solution today, developing long-term, engaging relationships with patients is difficult to scale - especially when it comes to mental health. 

What makes Serenity different?


Serenity empowers clinicians to deliver quality mental healthcare materials rapidly -- and at scale -- to address the individual needs of patients without exhausting resources. Practitioners can gain access to pre-approved protocols and assessments through the Serenity Content Library, build custom protocols using the built-in Protocol Authoring tools, implement AI chatbots, and integrate widgets to keep patients engaged and on track with treatment.

Strengthen your professional toolbox 


Serenity Builder provides easy ways to deliver quality treatment with a clinicians simple click of a button. Using the Serenity Protocol Library, clinicians access clinically-approved assessments such as PHQ-9 or a GAD-7 questionnaire to send to patients as they prepare for a session. Pre-built care materials such as standard clinical protocols on Defeating Depression or Coping with Social Isolation are also available in the library to assign to patients at the click of a button to help increase the efficacy of treatments. Unlike traditional homework and assessment PDFs, Serenity Builder gives you the tools to modify and create custom clinician-built protocols to address your patient’s specific needs. The assessments available in Serenity are: 

  1. HAI-18
  2. Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale
  3. UCLA Loneliness Scale, 3-item
  4. GAD-7
  5. AUDIT
  6. PHQ-9
  7. PCL-5
  8. PHQ-2

Keep patients engaged by implementing conversational therapy techniques using a cutting-edge AI chatbot feature to give patients the power to manage their mental health treatment on their own time by providing the opportunity to work through  24/7. Use the native chat builder to develop a natural conversation with the ability to fork conversations based on responses with the ability to incorporate free-form questions to help pair a patient with a licensed mental help professional.

Enhance your foundational clinician-patient relationships


Building a patient relationship is the cornerstone of successful behavioral treatment. Private, consistent and empathetic communication keeps patients involved, evolving the relationship between providers from transactional to relational. By leveraging the Serenity Builder, you can: 


  • Assign assessments before the first conversation, maximizing appointment time to focus on what matters most
  • Check-in between appointments or assign homework to gauge efficacy of treatment
  • Use assessments over time to measure progress or identify times when they may need more help
  • Provide support through additional content to impact between appointments
  • Decrease the likelihood of drop-off between scheduling and attending virtual appointments


Serenity Builder users can also access insights and analytics dashboards highlighting engagement and usage to help improve the delivery of care materials, with the consent of the patient.


We empower clinicians and digital health companies to deliver optimal care. 

Get started with Serenity Builder for free today.

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