New analytics dashboard on Passport

Today, we’re excited to announce our new Analytics Dashboard in Passport. We’ve worked to make sure that our Analytics dashboard allows HR managers and COVID compliance officers to gain an immediate picture of their team’s health. Read below for an overview of these new features and an instructional video.

Snapshot cards

The Passport dashboard now includes a set of four cards at the top of data logs that give you a snapshot of your open office locations and your employees health status as they return to work.

  1. Total Active Locations: See the number of active locations
  2. Check-ins by Location: Using the drop-down arrow, you can get a view of cleared vs. not cleared outcomes for the day’s check-ins at each of your locations
  3. Today’s Check-ins: See cleared vs. not cleared outcomes across all locations
  4. Missing Something: Looking for a new feature or need help? You can schedule a meeting with your Passport Customer Success team directly from the dashboard.


Sort & filter

Use the filtering feature to immediately sort through your Passport data logs. You can search for specific information within your logs, for instance “all visitors who have answered the questions on Passport.”


You also combine different search terms for more granular information, for example, “all users who were not cleared in the month of September.”




All logs can still be easily exported in CSV format using the “Export All” button at the top of your logs. 



You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Passport for your business at

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