Passport by is now available to Ignyte’s more than one million customers as part of the company’s Return to Work Plan

The pandemic has brought endless challenges for businesses, including when and how to manage  employees and customers safely, and how to do so while maintaining compliance and privacy around personal health information.  

Passport by is a private, customizable solution to help company leaders and teams get back to business safely. Passport enables employees and customers to securely assess their health status on their mobile device that aligns with CDC guidelines and can be easily customized for the unique needs of each individual business, as well as county and state-specific requirements. After taking the survey, an encrypted daily badge is generated that can be scanned for safe admission into the workplace. By using edge computing, data entered into Passport never leaves employees’ phones - employers simply have access to whether or not the employee is eligible for re-entry.

Our work with Ignyte

Today, Passport is used in 800+ locations around the US by employers across industries including financial institutions, online retailers, schools, security, production and construction companies. We’re excited to bring the Passport solution to more businesses through a partnership with Ignyte Healthcare Strategies, LLC. Passport is now available to Ignyte’s more than one million customers as part of the company’s Return to Work Plan - designed to streamline accessibility to PPE, COVID-19 rapid test kits, PCR laboratory testing services, and several forms of virtual healthcare. The introduction of Passport to Ignyte’s Return to Work Plan compliments the other solutions within this offering to help its customers navigate the crucial phase of safely resuming operations. 

A Flexible and customizable solution

Passport is designed to be flexible for the needs of any business. Passport offers custom integrations for third-party devices including Ignyte BioGlove Skin & Surface Protectant solution, a surface protectant that provides glove-like protection for up to 12 hours on skin and surface disinfectant for up to 28 days. Simply customize the Passport survey to include if employees have used BioGlove ahead of entering the workplace. 

As vaccines are distributed, Passport has the ability to track immunization and rapid testing records, providing employers with visibility into employee immunization without sacrificing employee privacy. Passport’s Visitor Badge feature also offers an easy way to survey contract employees and guests. It allows those without a company email address to go through the same self-attestation process, with no additional set up required. 

Where to start

Check out Passport with a free, 14-day trial by filling out a registration form. The free trial allows employers across the country to:

  • Set up and customize the questions you would like to ask employees under the Rules section
  • Invite your fellow administrators to your company dashboard
  • Add and enable different company locations
  • Use and share the Passport app among employees


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