Serenity, a behavioral health platform for clinicians and care teams is now available for early access

Today, the Serenity team is proud to share the Serenity behavioral health platform is available to clinicians and care teams for early access. Serenity empowers clinicians to build, deploy and measure clinical materials with speed and at scale, giving them a powerful tool to gain deeper visibility into a patient’s therapeutic journey.

Through our early access program, clinicians and practices will be able to request access to Serenity Builder. Once granted, they will be able to use all available resources in Serenity Builder, from clinical assessments, such as a PHQ-9 or a GAD-7, to existing protocols on common behavioral health conditions, such as Defeating Depression and Overcoming Social Anxiety. 

Serenity, which consists of the web-based Serenity Builder tool for clinicians, and the companion Serenity app for iOS and Android, accelerates the creation and delivery of care materials to patients, while providing clinicians with real-time insights and analytics into the patient’s mental wellness. The platform includes features such as:

  • Protocol Builder - A drag-and-drop web interface tool to craft and deploy assessments, protocols and skill building exercises into a personalized patient journey.
  • Serenity Tools Library - A collection of pre-built assessments, protocols, wellness tools and psychoeducation resources created by the clinical team.
    • Assessments - Contains gold standard assessments into guided chat form for patients (e.g. PHQ-9, PHQ-2, GAD-7 etc.)
    • Protocol Library - Contains pre-built psychoeducational materials that provide evidence-based support for improving specific mental health conditions. (e.g. protocols on Defeating Depression, Social Anxiety etc.)
    • Wellness Tools - Provides well-known evidence-based CBT components to augment protocols and a patient's personalized mental health care journey in an engaging format. (e.g. Breathing Exercise, Graduated Exposure Step Ladder)
  • Insights Dashboard - Provides clinicians with real-time insights and analytics into the patient’s mental wellness based on their patient journey. Also provides real-time insights on global protocol performances across patients.
  • Push-to-publish Protocol Sharing - Functionality to deploy protocols directly in the Serenity app for patients, or to your own app via an SDK.


With a generous free tier option, is hoping to provide clinicians and care teams with innovative tools to modernize their mental health offerings. Request access today.

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