Using iCBT protocols and techniques in a digital care setting

Adherence is one of the biggest challenges to improving mental health once an individual is in therapy. While patients may walk out the door or end a video conference call knowing their next steps for practicing certain skills, following a diet, or implementing a lifestyle change, remembering to do their homework can be difficult. It’s especially hard work when depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions are known to cause forgetfulness.

Digital solutions, like Serenity, can play a role in improving patient adherence by reaching patients via mobile reminders and simply providing the ease of access to therapeutic content when they are most motivated to engage with it. “In the moment,” support not only benefits the patient, but also can lighten your load as a practitioner in-between therapy sessions while providing engaging care. One method of virtually delivered mental health care that has translated well to digital-based care is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (iCBT) has translated particularly well to chatbots because of the structured nature of the therapeutic approach.

Serenity, the behavioral health platform, provides access to iCBT protocols and techniques to improve your patient relationship. Within the Serenity Builder, the web-based tool for clinicians, you can build, deploy and measure clinical content like iCBT protocols quickly and share with patients in an engaging mobile interface. 


Out-of-the box protocols to support learning and retention

The Serenity Builder Content Library contains a suite of psychoeducational materials developed by the Sharecare clinical team with evidence-based support for improving specific mental health conditions (e.g. social anxiety, generalized anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, health anxiety, as well as severe mental health well-being challenges, e.g. social isolation and loneliness). 

Protocols are pre-scripted multi-session psychotherapeutic experiences that follow accepted clinical practice guidelines. They teach users ways to restore themselves to healthy mental, physical, and behavioral functioning, improve well-being, and prevent relapse or new problems from occurring. In Serenity, sessions are delivered in a structured and guided conversational-style format which is a familiar means of communication to patients, maximizing the potential for ongoing engagement.

Users of the Serenity Builder are able to select one of eight pre-scripted iCBT protocols, or build their own. New protocols are added regularly.


Customized and digitally-delivered care plans

In addition to pre-scripted protocols, Serenity also allows providers to create personalized patient journeys via the Protocol Builder and publish them in the same guided mobile conversation form. The Protocol Builder puts providers and care teams in the driver’s seat, allowing them to rapidly create and iterate on the surveys, assessments and protocols for the conditions they treat. Simply drag-and-drop pre-built standard assessments (e.g. GAD-7 or PHQ-9), clinical protocols and skill building exercises into your patient journey. Clinicians can share protocols to their patients via the companion app with the click of a button through a unique, secure verification code. Protocols ensure patients follow a structured therapeutic approach that they can do on their own time, in their own way.

Protocols can be used for prevention or early intervention, first-line treatment, adjunctive treatment, and as a tool for maintaining treatment gains and preventing relapse. Delivered via the Serenity app or your own app, protocols offer patients the convenience and flexibility of being accessible anytime and anywhere, and material can be updated as often as required. 

Serenity also acts as a virtual care platform allowing clinicians and care teams to monitor their patient's protocol use and progress in real-time through the Insights Dashboard. 

If you’re interested in trying out how iCBT protocols can improve your patient relationships. Request access to Serenity Builder today.

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