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New analytics dashboard on Passport

Today, we’re excited to announce our new Analytics Dashboard in Passport. We’ve worked to make sure that our Analytics dashboard allows HR managers and COVID compliance officers to gain an immediate picture of their team’s health. Read below for an overview of these new features and an instructional video.

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doc.ai releases open source technology that unlocks model building on mobile devices

Tensor/IO brings machine learning framework to ecosystem of smart devices

Our lives, like our health, are continuous functions. Our health is not just what’s assessed at a point in time during a doctor’s office visit, but all the data points that impact our wellness in-between. We can now capture and monitor these real world data points with smartphones, wearables and a growing number of at-home tests to evaluate your nutrition, microbiome or the impact of genetics on health. 

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Tensor/IO for Android

Motivation and Introduction

Data privacy is one of our core values at doc.ai, and privacy is by design in all our products and solutions. We respect the personal information of our users and we understand the choices involved in contributing to better health outcomes via the right vehicle at the right time, such as clinical research or AI trainings. 

To facilitate our twin goals of respecting privacy while learning from data, we have committed ourselves to researching and developing cutting edge privacy-preserving technologies such as edge AI and federated learning. Together these technologies make it possible to train AI models on mobile devices themselves, which allows us in turn to keep an individual’s data on the device, a necessary first step in preserving data privacy.

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Who would have thought...?

It’s time to become an expert for the survival of your business.

Since I co-founded doc.ai, I have spent a lot of time talking with business leaders from the healthcare industry, but with the arrival of the pandemic my conversations have expanded to leaders and CEOs outside of healthcare, from all industries.

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